Collection of Original Works by Louis Eilshemius

Abell is proud to introduce a collection of original artwork by Louis Michel Eilshemius (1864-1941) for Thursday September 15th and Sunday September 18th.  Many works were purchased directly from Louis Eilshemius by Louis Kaufman (source: A Fiddler’s Tale by Louis Kaufman)

Eilshemius was a New Jersey born artist.  He was educated in New York and in Europe.  Much of his earlier work was influenced by the painters of the Barbizon School.  Eilshemius is better known for his later moonlit landscape work and New York rooftop scenes.  More of his popular works combine an element of fantasy in his landscapes with nymphs painted in the foreground.  Eilshemius was “discovered” by Marcel Duchamp and was asked to exhibit with him in 1917 in Paris, France.   His travels throughout Europe led him to follow such painters as Jean Baptiste Camille Corot and develop a style which drifted away from traditional academic art at the time.    “Sunset Landscape” will be sold September 15, 2016 with other important works by Louis Eilshemius selling Sunday, September 18th.   Please check our catalog available here for more information about our Fine Art Quarterly Auction September 18th.